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Integrated Digital Marketing Certification Program

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Actual Price

₹ 24999/-

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Thursday, 20th Jan 2022
Time: 07:00 PM

Program Highlights

20+ Modules

Weekly Assignments 

40+ Digital Marketing Tools 

Case Study Based Learning 

2 Experienced Digital Marketing Trainers

20+ Digital Marketing Templates 

Weekly Masterminds And Q&A

Lifetime Support Via Facebook Secret Community 

Internship Opportunities 

How This Overall Training Delivery Happens 

Onboarding Call happens on Saturday at 11Am with Sharan Kulkarni

Access to the LMS will be provided within 5 working days from the day of payment

You can attend Doubt clearing session on Every alternate Tuesday at 7 PM

Live support Via telegram group and WhatsApp group

Weekly Masterminds will happen on the vip community

Course Modules

Client’s Business Understanding 

Competitor Analysis 

Digital Marketing Funnels Mastery 

Digital Media Ecosystem Understanding 

Online Systems and Automation Plan 

Landing Page Development & Essentials Codes & Retargeting Setup

Email, Messenger and Whatsapp integration 

Website Sanity Check and On Page Optimisation

Search Engine Strategy and Planning 

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) 

Google Ads Certification Program

Social Media Marketing 

Personal Branding 

Setting Up Business Aspirational Goal

Email Marketing Automation 

Digital Media Strategy Formulation and Digital Media Road Map

Digital Media Budget Forecasting 

Digital Media Reporting and Analysis

Google Analytics Setup and Reporting 

Digital Marketing and Go to Marketing Case Studies

Why Should I Take This Online Digital Marketing Certification Program?

This program takes you from beginner to PRO level by giving you an in-depth & advanced knowledge of the various verticals of Digital Marketing. It will equip you with necessary strategies, techniques, tactics, tools, SOPs, checklists, case-studies, templates & a ton of other resources that we use ourselves in real-time for all our clients. 

After completion, you’ll be able to predictably & effectively chalk out winning 360 degree Digital Marketing strategies for brands & execute them with sniper precision. 

Any of these roles can benefit from this one-of-a-kind Digital Marketing certification program:

- Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
- Junior & Senior Marketing Professionals
- Students 
- Sales Professionals
- Graduates & freshers 
- Marketing Consultants
- Digital Marketers
- Marketing Managers

All in all, you’ll become an in-demand, industry-ready Digital Marketer who is capable of consistently generating positive digital ROI for brands & businesses spanning across several verticals.

Top Reasons Why Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, & Students Are Taking This Game-Changing Program

- With the exponential rise in Internet consumption, going digital is not just a choice for brands, but rather a necessity
- Create Rock-Solid Digital Marketing Strategies That Produce Consistent Positive ROI & Revenue
- Your Trainer Spearheads a SUCCESSFUL AGENCY & Has Spent Over 6 Crores On Various Ad Platforms
- Generate Piping Hot Leads & Qualified Customers For Your Client/Business
- Beat the info overload & shorten your learning curve by learning directly from a hardcore practitioner
- Learn how to plan, launch, optimize, & scale your digital campaigns from scratch
- Effectively remove the guesswork out of Digital Marketing to save time, energy, & resources
- Get certified, but more importantly, become EMPLOYABLE & IN-DEMAND by learning practical skills

Why Am I Doing This Program?

If there’s one place where even the gods want to be right now, it’s on the Internet. With the likes of Facebook & Google investing in Reliance Jio, the internet penetration is happening faster than ever before. Naturally, there’s a rising demand for qualified Digital Marketing professionals.

However, there’s a lack of employable Digital Marketers in the market. Yes, everyone has access to Google & YouTube & is equipped with theoretical knowledge, but I noticed that the vast majority of Digital Marketers simply don’t have what it takes to produce RESULTS. 

Having knowledge is one thing, but application of the RIGHT knowledge at the RIGHT time in order to achieve a specific objective (goal) is what makes a Digital Marketer employable & industry-ready. By using my priceless industry experience of more than a decade, I’m ready to bridge this gap in the market. I’m willing to give it my all to equip you with the right mindset, practical exposure, skills, tools, tactics, & strategies so that you become an in-demand, employable Digital Marketer.

Why Invest In This Life-Changing Program

- Practical-oriented trainings
- 100% beginner-friendly
- Gain complete clarity, confidence, & a battle-tested roadmap to make it big in this industry
- Cutting-edge course curriculu
- Shorten your learning curve by learning from real-time practitioners
- Learn the exact tools, systems, processes, & tactics we use everyday at our agency (VALUE = priceless)
- Learn how to effectively build your personal brand & attract a ton opportunities
- Learn from the comfort of your home
- Unmatched support

Actual Price

₹ 24999/-

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Program Modules


Client’s Business Understanding 

understanding of your business, your market, and your clients – and most importantly, turn this understanding into powerful marketing tools you can use to drive massive traffic, boost conversions, and increase sales.


Competitor Analysis 

Analysing competitors makes it possible to understand what's working for them & what isn't. We dive into tools & strategies that are used for high level competitor analysis


Digital Marketing Funnels Mastery 

Learn how to create a six step Marketing funnel to generate leads and acquire customers on autopilot


Digital Media Ecosystem Understanding 

Understanding of the Overall Digital Media Ecosystem. (Ad Platforms and Paid Targeting Options)


Online Systems and Automation Plan 

Understand What all Systems and Automation is required for you to win in the Digital World


Landing Page Development & Essentials Codes & Retargeting Setup  

Learn How to create Landing Pages and install the essential  tracking codes in the website and Landing Pages


Email, Messenger and Whatsapp integration

Learn How to integrate Email Marketing, Messenger and Whatsapp Tools to your website and Landing Pages


Website Sanity Check and On Page Optimisation

Learn how to effectively check & optimize your website for the Search Engines by performing a set of activities on your website


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 

What will You Learn-
  1. Search Engine Ecosystem understanding
  2. Keyword Research
  3. SEO Competitor Analysis
  4. On Page SEO
  5. Off Page SEO
  6. Local SEO
  7. Search Console
  8. Practical Implementation 


Google Ads Certification Program

What will You Learn-
  1. Google Ads Ecosystem Understanding
  2. Google Ads Competitor Analysis
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Google Search Ads
  5. Audience Understanding and Targeting
  6. Display Network Ads
  7. Youtube Ads
  8. Conversion Setup
  9. Retargeting Setup and Retargeting Audience Creation
  10. Google Ads Daily Optimisation
  11. Google Ads tool advanced Options
  12. Reporting


Social Media Marketing 

What will You Learn-
  1. Social Media Marketing Ecosystem Understanding
  2. Social Media Funnel Mastery
  3. Content Marketing Fundamentals
  4. Advanced Content Marketing Creation Strategies  
  5. Content Distribution Strategies
  6. Facebook Ads Prerequisites and Fundamentals
  7. Facebook Ads for Lead Generation and Content Distribution
  8. Facebook Ads Optimisation Strategies
  9. Instagram Masterclass
  10. Linkedin Masterclass
  11. Linkedin ads for B2B Marketing
  12. Youtube Masterclass
  13. Integrated Digital Marketing Approach


Personal Branding

Learn How to build a personal and how to build a business around your personal brand


Setting Up Business Aspirational Goal

Learn how to set your business aspirational goals by understanding the Aspirations of your target customers


Email Marketing Automation 


Digital Media Strategy Formulation and Digital Media Road Map


Digital Media Budget Forecasting


Digital Media Reporting and Analysis


Google Analytics Setup and Reporting


Digital Marketing and Go to Marketing Case Studies 


Digital Marketing and Go to Marketing Case Studies 

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Skills you will Learn

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Building Digital Media Funnels

Search Engine Optimization

SEM(Google Ads Certification)

Social Media Marketing (Organic & paid)

Content Marketing & Distribution

Email Marketing

Go To Market Strategy

Analytics & Reporting

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Limited Seats Available

People who have under gone our trainings & transformed their career

Know Your Trainer


Chief Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

I’m an Engineer turned Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach, now spearheading Digitechnicks as the Founder & Chief Digital Media Strategist.

I come equipped with more than a decade of solid experience in this industry & have spent over 1000+ hours and over 6 Crores on various Digital Marketing Platforms. 1500+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Students, & Working Professionals have been mentored by me.

All that I achieved is because of my innate ability to craft winning strategies, build teams, & create automated systems that have helped innumerable businesses spanning across various verticals to get consistent positive ROI.

I am on a relentless MISSION to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of professionals who can consistently create meaningful employment, add immense value to the marketplace, & can truly transform the lives of people they have been called to serve in the process.

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HURRY UP! Limited Seats Available

Tools/Platforms covered

Brands our team has consulted & worked with


Certifications you will earn from this program

Certifications from Google

Certification from Facebook

Certification from Digitechniks

How People Have Been Benefited From Our Training & Coaching Programs

Not Satisfied With The Program? No Worries! 
No Questions Asked - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

You can pay Rs.2000/- and register for the program. You will be allowed to attend first 3 sessions and if you like the program then you can continue by paying the additional fees.

If you decide to opt out you can get a refund of Rs.2000/- after the 3rd session itself.


₹ 24999/-

Book A Free Demo To Get The Program At Special Price

Your Questions Answered

What will I get in this Program ?

1. This is a weekday program conducted on Monday and Wednesday - 7 to 9 pm (Live sessions happen every Monday and Wednesday)
2. Total of 20 modules will be rolled out for this program, 2 sessions in a week. Will complete 2 modules per week (this is total 10 weeks program)
3. There will also be a doubt clearing session - 2 times per month (every alternate Tuesday) in the morning at 11 noon
4. Candidates will receive 20 digital marketing templates from Digitechnik

What is the Internship Program from Digitechniks ?

Candidates can opt for Internship program (additional fees of Rs 10000/-) after they fulfill the below:
a. Complete the program successfully.
b. Submit all assignments on time.
c. Based on the evaluation - they will undergo an interview.
d. If they clear the interview process then they can make the payment of the Internship fees (Rs 10000/-) and undergo 2 months Internship program.
e. This Internship is for 2 months (without any stipend). They can also convert into Internship (with stipend) if they want to continue and also can later get absorbed into the company based on performance.
f. The Candidate will be offered Internship program which is under mentorship from Digitechniks.

Will I be able to clear online Google and Facebook certification after I complete this program ?

Candidates who complete this program successfully will be able to  attempt 5+ certificates from Google and Facebook Blueprint certification (please note this is a paid certification from Facebook) through their respective websites.

Who should attend this course?

ANYONE who wants to practically learn Digital Marketing, master it, get certified, & ultimately become an industry-ready professional who is capable of generating results for business on the internet via Digital Marketing

Will I get any certifiates from Digitechniks ?

Digitechniks certification for completion of the IDMCP program

Will I get lifetime access to the course content?

Yes, you get unlimited lifetime access to all the sessions.

Where do I get my doubts clarified?

We have a dedicated Facebook group wherein you can get all your queries answered directly by our team. Also, you can attend our weekly LIVE sessions to further enhance your knowledge.

What makes this program different from loads of other ones in the market?

This program contains purely actionable content. We only teach what actually works & what is required (cutting out all the fluff). Keep in mind that we’re an agency who serve clients on a day-to-day basis.

Book A Free Demo To Get The Program At Special Price

HURRY UP! Limited Seats Available