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Digital Marketing Kickstarter Program

Your one-stop solution to make the transition from an absolute Beginner to a Pro-Level Digital Marketer by learning directly from a successful Agency Owner who has

✅ Successfully served 100+ Clients

✅ Priceless Industry Experience Spanning Over A Decade

✅ Spent Over 6 Crores On Various Digital Media Ad Platforms

✅ Mentored over 1500 professionals

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People who have under gone our trainings & transformed their career

Know Your Trainer

I’m an Engineer turned Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach, now spearheading Digitechnicks as the Founder & Chief Digital Media Strategist.

I come equipped with more than a decade of solid experience in this industry & have spent over 1000+ hours and over 6 Crores on various Digital Marketing Platforms. 1500+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Students, & Working Professionals have been mentored by me.

All that I achieved is because of my innate ability to craft winning strategies, build teams, & create automated systems that have helped innumerable businesses spanning across various verticals to get consistent positive ROI.

I am on a relentless MISSION to create, mentor, & hone the next wave of professionals who can consistently create meaningful employment, add immense value to the marketplace, & can truly transform the lives of people they have been called to serve in the process.


Chief Digital Marketing Strategist & Coach

Hurry up!! Limited slots left!!

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Corporate Communication Professional
Working at CG Power

Khalyann Chakraverthy

Regional Marketing Manager
Chennai, India

Why Am I Doing This Program?

If there’s one place where even the gods want to be right now, it’s on the Internet. With the likes of Facebook & Google investing in Reliance Jio, the internet penetration is happening faster than ever before. Naturally, there’s a rising demand for qualified Digital Marketing professionals.

However, there’s a lack of employable Digital Marketers in the market. Yes, everyone has access to Google & YouTube & is equipped with theoretical knowledge, but I noticed that the vast majority of Digital Marketers simply don’t have what it takes to produce RESULTS

Having knowledge is one thing, but application of the RIGHT knowledge at the RIGHT time in order to achieve a specific objective (goal) is what makes a Digital Marketer employable & industry-ready. By using my priceless industry experience of more than a decade, I’m ready to bridge this gap in the market. I’m willing to give it my all to equip you with the right mindset, practical exposure, skills, tools, tactics, & strategies so that you become an in-demand, employable Digital Marketer.

Now the question is - Are you ready to put your skin in the game?

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Hurry up!! Limited slots left!!

How People Have Been Benefited From Our Training & Coaching Programs

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Certifications you will earn from this program

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Certification from Digitechniks

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Your Questions Answered

Are the courses recorded or LIVE?


Will I get lifetime access to the course content?

Yes, you get unlimited lifetime access to all the sessions.

Where do I get my doubts clarified?

We have a dedicated Facebook group wherein you can get all your queries answered directly by our team. Also, you can attend our weekly LIVE sessions to further enhance your knowledge.

Who should attend this course?

ANYONE who wants to practically learn Digital Marketing, master it, get certified, & ultimately become an industry-ready professional who is capable of generating results for business on the internet via Digital Marketing

What makes this program different from loads of other ones in the market?

This program contains purely actionable content. We only teach what actually works & what is required (cutting out all the fluff). Keep in mind that we’re an agency who serve clients on a day-to-day basis.